Supervision of Personnel

"Direct supervision" means that the dentist is present in the treatment facility, but it is not required that the dentist be physically present in the treatment room while the registered dental assistant is performing acts assigned by the dentist.

"General supervision" means that a dentist has delegated the services to be provided by a registered dental assistant. The dentist need not be present in the facility while these services are being provided.

"Personal supervision" means the dentist is physically present in the treatment room to oversee and direct all intraoral or chairside services of the dental assistant and a licensee or registrant is physically present to oversee and direct all extraoral services of the dental assistant.

"Public health supervision" means all of the following:

      1.   The dentist authorizes and delegates the services provided by a registered dental assistant to a patient in a public health setting, with the exception that services may be rendered without the patient’s first being examined by a licensed dentist;

      2.   The dentist is not required to provide future dental treatment to patients served under public health supervision;

      3.   The dentist and the registered dental assistant have entered into a written supervision agreement that details the responsibilities of each licensee/registrant, as specified in subrule 20.16(2); and

      4.   The registered dental assistant has an active Iowa registration and a minimum of one year of clinical practice experience.

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