Does Level 1 include a placement of a provisional restoration?

No. A Level 1 dental hygienist or registered dental assistant can only fabricate or remove a provisional restoration. The placement of a provisional restoration is not a permitted function.  ...

What do I need to submit to become a Board-approved provider of Level 1 expanded functions training?

The following items must be submitted for Board consideration:
1.Expanded Functions Prior Approval Form
2.Detailed course description for each function

What level of supervision is required for expanded functions procedures?

Per Board rules, the below supervision levels are required for expanded function procedures:
Dental Hygienists:
A dental hygienist may only perform...

Who is eligible to train for Level 1 expanded functions procedures?

Registered dental assistants and licensed dental hygienists are eligible to train in expanded functions as
outlined below.
Registered Dental Assistants...

What are the education and training requirements to become an expanded functions provider?

Courses, which have been reviewed and approved by the Board are acceptable for Level 1 training.  More information about Board-approved courses can be found at https://dentalboard.iowatest.gov/...


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