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Welcome to the Iowa Dental Board's public information homepage. This page contains the public orders that the Board has issued.  The orders are listed in chronological order based on date issued by the Board.  

If you wish to see if a specific licensee has had action taken against his or her license, please complete a licensee search.  If action has been taken against a licensee, electronic copies of the orders are provided in the search results.

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Documents from 2022


Notice of Hearing and Statement of Charges

The Board issued a Notice of Hearing and Statement of Charges in the Matter of William Skinner, D.D.S., of Urbandale, Iowa.  A hearing has been scheduled for August 4, 2022.

Other Orders

The Board issued a Stipulated Modification Order in the Matter of Nicholas Hindley, D.D.S., of Centerville, Iowa.  

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