Rulemaking Docket

This rulemaking docket contains all of the rules currently in process by the Dental Board, from the time the rules are noticed until their effective date.

You may comment on proposed rules until the end of the comment period as specified in the rule as noted.

Historical Rulemaking Dockets:

To review historical copies of the rulemaking dockets, please see below.  The pages are stored by year: 2017

Current Rulemaking Docket (2018-2019)


Description &
Legal Basis for Proposed Action

Notice of Intended Action PUBLIC Hearing Date of Board Vote FINAL OUTCOME Effective Date
11 & 20 Update references to the review of applications.
Iowa Code 147.2, 153.15A, 153.21, 153.33B, and 153.39
10/13/2017 1/9/2018 1/26/2018 Voted to terminate rulemaking. N/A
1 Update definition to coincide with language used later in IAC 650--Ch. 15.
Iowa Code 147.1(2), 147.13, 147.30, 147.76, 147.80, 153.13 and 153.15, and chapter 272C
1/26/2018 4/24/2018 6/8/2018*    
11 Update requirements for application by foreign-trained dentists based on previously-approved rule waivers.
Iowa Code 147.2, 147.33, 153.13, 153.21, and 153.33A.
1/26/2018 4/24/2018 6/8/2018*    
10 & 16 The address type a licensee must submit to the board needs to be specified. Update supervision requirements for dental hygienists, change requirements for dental hygienists to work in a public health setting, and implement protocols for the use of silver diamine fluoride (SDF) in a public health setting.  Update IAC 650--ch 16 to allow the use of SDF in a public health setting.
Iowa Code 147.9, 147.55, 153.13, 153.15, 153.16, 153.17, 153.33, 153.33A, and 272C.10
Iowa Code Ch. 147.8 & 147.9
4/6/2018* 6/12/2018*      
11 Update references to the review of applications.
Iowa Code 147.2, 153.15A, 153.21, 153.33B, and 153.39
4/6/2018* 6/12/2018*      
26 & 28 The Board needs to discuss new legal concerns with ADA approved specialties, and determine whether changes need to be made to this chapter.  
Iowa Code Ch. 153.13
4/6/2018* 7/13/2018*      
16 Update rules to match requirements of 2018 legislation, DEA and Iowa Board of Pharmacy changes/updates.
Iowa Code 153.2
27 Implement rules for teledentistry.
Iowa Code 153.13, 153.15, 153.33, 153.38
29 Update reuqirements for sedation in a dental office.  Due to previously-approved waivers, the updates would establish provisions for allowing the delegation of sedation to a licensed anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist (CRNA).
Iowa Code 147.76, 153.33
10 & 20 Expanded function rules in these 2 chapters need to be revisited to provide clarity on some functions.  Language may need to be added regarding minimum requirements for training and resubmission of courses.  Review/update requirements for remediation of dental assistant examinations.
Iowa Code 153.15, 153.38, 153.39

Review/update requirements for dental radiography qualifications.
Iowa Code 153.38, 153.39, 147.10, 147.11, 272C.2

10 Review/update regarding the use of lasers by dental hygienists.  Currently, the board references a position statement issued in the past.  Due to ongoing questions, the rules ought to be updated to clarify use and requirements.
Iowa Code 153.15, 153.33A
27 Review/update requirements for discontinuation of practice.
Iowa Code 153.33(8), 153.34, 147.76

*Dates subject to change.

You may comment on proposed rule making:

  • In writing to Iowa Dental Board, 400 SW 8th Street, Suite D, Des Moines, IA 50309.
  • At the public hearing, if applicable.
  • Via e-mail to
  • Via fax at (515) 281-7969.

You may inspect the rulemaking record containing all written submissions on the rule, a copy of any regulatory analysis, fiscal impact statement, or concise statement prepared for the rule, if applicable, and any objections to the rule by contacting the Board office at the address above.


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